Sue Westfield 

The youngest person in Alpha Pack at 33 is Sue W. who hails from New Jersey but most recently from Australia. Sue has lived abroad for fives years, is well traveled and has bikepacked alone in several countries. With a slight Aussie accent Sue will put you at ease with her way of talking.”Dude, I’m a straight up evangelical alcohol stove preacher” or “cause that how I role homes”. She has a quick smile to pass around to everyone and complains very little and is modest. After meeting Sue you get the sense that she’s a seeker of the next great adventure, the next best buttery bread item, and the next best something to come but she hasn’t found it yet. A generation of people like her would make the world a much happier and interesting place. 

Sue is a power house of a rider and among the 3 Alpha Alpha pack riders. 

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