On the road from Elkford to Sparwood I thought about my friend Molly Kitajima, a Japanese Canadian who passed away at 80+ two years ago. Molly’s family had been removed from their farm in the Vancouver area during WW II and their land sold. The large family was sent to the inter lands of Canada to work on beet farmsback breaking work as Molly recalled. I had always wanted to take a trip to Canada with Molly to see and learn about her experiences in Canada but that never happened. 

As I crested a hill I said to Molly out loud “I finally made it here to BC and I wish you were here.” I imagined playing a taiko piece in Molly’s honor and I wondered what I would play. Just as I was finishing my taiko piece in my head a juvenile moose appeared in front of me and crossed the road. I was so excited to see the moose I did not have time to take out my camera. I gave a high five to the passing driver in the other lane who was probably happy to have missed hitting the moose. It may be coincidence but I think it was Molly letting me know she’s still here teaching me life lessons and watching over me.

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