Communication on the GDMBR

 Communication comes by riders who provide updates on your friend since there is no Internetor wifi connection and not everyone carries a Delorme. Betty is no loner riding with Tim due to a derailleur issue”, was the news one rider provided about an Alpha Pack rider who was delayed from starting with the pack. We did not know him but he ran into Tim who told him the story about Alpha Pack and Betty. 

Locals keep riders informed of the latest conditions on the trails near their homes, “don’t stay at Chester Creek, too many bears was information several locals gave us as we neared the Chester Creek area. Notes and scribbled graffiti in huts tell us who have passed. 

Taiwan Chung a rider we had met on day 1 scribbled a note on the door of the Tamboray Hut, Taiwan Chung was here”, and included a scrawled characature of himself. He had leap frogged us and now we know he had passed through already.

A couple from LA who had a freewheel problem left a note with the manager of the Elkford campground for their friends who were two days behind letting them know they took the Fernie Alternate instead of Grizzly Bear Alley to go a bike shop. Such is the way of communication on the GDMBR.

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