Day 3 – Canyon campground to Tobermory Cabin 15 miles

We were supposed ride 25 miles today but sometimes the GDMBR take you on an unexpected detour. The Alpha Pack lost a rider today, our founding rider and leader Traci Wentling. While riding a rough patch down the Elk Pass, Traci went head over handlebars and broke her shoulder. We used the SOS feature on her Delorme and within an hour a ranger in a truck came along with a helicopter. She was flown to an area hospital for treatment and her husband drove from Dodge City to pick her up.
Traci was the spark that brought 8 women together to ride the GDMBR. Her posting in Adventure Cycling last year motivated Erika and I to respond and to make our dream come true. A tough rider and a leader, her screams, humor, and timeliness will be missed. The Alpha Pack rides with Traci riding with us in spirit.
Alpha Pack pressed on in the rain for a shortened ride to the rustic Hanta virus infested Tobermory Cabin. It gave us an opportunity to wash up, dry out, and process Traci’s accident.

nice ranger who responded to SOS
Traci escorted to helocopter
Traci airlifted to hospital
More mud
Lots of mud
Our happy home , trying to dry on the porch.
Planning the route for the next few days.
Big Agnes showroom! most of us have these tents.

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