GDMBR tip of the day – How to make an alcohol stoves

Tomorrow is the big day when the 8 member Alpha Pack departs from Banff for the first leg of the GDMBR. The rain caused us to abandon our leisure ride today (last chance that will happen) and instead we made alcohol stoves. Erika has wanted to make one and Sue W. brought one for the trip and has made her own. We bought a 12 pack of club coda in a can, watched a YouTube video, and took out the tools and made the stoves in the club room of the Y.

The tricky part was cutting away the top of the can and making gas fuel channels, otherwise it’s a fairly easy process which took an hour. Sensei Sue made three in one hour and the rest of us made one.

The benefits of the alcohol stove is it’s extremely light weight, burns clean, abundance of the fuel, and the fuel is non exploding.

Erika’s stove took 5:20 to boil 2.5 cups of water. Mine took longer because of my rogue design of the fuel channels. We will test it over the next 10 days and if it works well we will drop our heavy MSR Whisper Light as we pass our truck in Kallispell.

Sensei Sue
Watching a YouTube video
Cutting the top of the can
Cutting the can in half
Sue’s two year old stove far left

testing stove outsidr
Sues fuel. She said we need >91% alcohol content. We found isopropyl alcohol at 99%.

2 thoughts on “GDMBR tip of the day – How to make an alcohol stoves

  1. Roy Egawa

    Hi Mayumi and Erika
    Let me know how the alcohol stove works out. As my pack pack trip is in
    August, I’ll try to make one as I’ll admit I was a doubter.


    1. Hello Roy,

      So far the alcohol stove is working really well. It heats quickly, is small and compact, and as long as the rubbing alcohol is 96% alcohol it burns clean and hot! We need to buy a titanium pot because our new fangled silicone pot will not work on the alcohol stove. In Whitefish we plan on getting one and dropping the Whisperlight at our truck (we are passing by our truck parked in Kallispell).


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