Banff – Sulphur Mountain

There are two ways up Sulphur Mountain, a nice scenic gondola ride to the top or a 2,100 ft hike up to the top. Any activity with Erika will involve the most difficult path, so we hiked it. It’s a strenuous trail that follows a series of switchbacks to the summit ridge.

From the top there are great view of the town of Banff and surrounding mountains, Bow River and Bow River Park way, Highway 1, and Tunnel mountain. I highly recommend the hike or easy ride to the top for great 360 degree view of the Rockies surrounding Banff.

Sulphur mtn hot springs at the foot of the mountain
easy/scenic way to the top of Sulphu mtn
Good view of the city of Banff from Sulphur mtn
Bow River
Erika and Carrie. Took the easy way down
Sulphur trail from Gondola

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